If you aren't growing; you're dying
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It’s funny how quickly you adapt to a new place, and how quickly you forget how exhausting the move was. (My mother tells me this is what child birth is like too). 

“3 Things You Should Never Have Low Standards About:
1) Boys
2) Clothes
3) Coffee”
—Margot N., preppylane  

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“I want someone who wants me back. And I’m not talking someone who likes my company and smiles a lot in my presence. No. I’m talking about someone who loves me for all I’m worth, and wants me as much as I want them. I want someone who fully embraces all the things I would do for them. Someone who feels lucky to have me, cherishes the moments we have and who’s love is all encompassing. I want to be someone’s world, in the sense that they will be truly selfless when it comes to me. And I only ask for these things because, for you, I would give the world” —(via neverh0ldmedown)

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2 years of love, laughter and selfies.

2 years of love, laughter and selfies.

Do you ever have those moments when you are reminded that you really love someone? Like you know you love them, but it has been a while since you consciously thought about it. I had that yesterday when I got up at 6am so I would have time to go get Derrick some things from his favourite bakery (which is a 30-40 minute drive away) before getting on my flight to surprise him with a visit. Like I did not even mind a little bit (Okay, only a little bit when I got stuck in rush hour traffic on my way back, but you get the point). And I had this moment of this is what love is. Doing small thoughtful things for people, not because you feel obligated to, but because you genuinely just want to. Maybe getting up at 6am for some pastries is crazy, but then again, I always thought this whole loving people business is a little crazy too. 

This is love, he whispered, as he plucked out one of her chin hairs

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“I Never Dreamed It Would Turn Out This Way”
10 things I know to be true

I had my coffee black this morning

While following Sweden’s election results

Yesterday, I helped a girl who couldn’t write,

but she was willing to learn

I struggle with statistics

I am always and never home

I miss my parents

I feel so much older than almost twenty-two

And I never wait for anyone

But I will always wait for you

“If I should have a daughter…“Instead of “Mom”, she’s gonna call me “Point B.” Because that way, she knows that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me. And I’m going to paint the solar system on the back of her hands so that she has to learn the entire universe before she can say “Oh, I know that like the back of my hand.”

She’s gonna learn that this life will hit you, hard, in the face, wait for you to get back up so it can kick you in the stomach. But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air. There is hurt, here, that cannot be fixed by band-aids or poetry, so the first time she realizes that Wonder-woman isn’t coming, I’ll make sure she knows she doesn’t have to wear the cape all by herself. Because no matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal. Believe me, I’ve tried.

And “Baby,” I’ll tell her “don’t keep your nose up in the air like that, I know that trick, you’re just smelling for smoke so you can follow the trail back to a burning house so you can find the boy who lost everything in the fire to see if you can save him. Or else, find the boy who lit the fire in the first place to see if you can change him.”

But I know that she will anyway, so instead I’ll always keep an extra supply of chocolate and rain boats nearby, ‘cause there is no heartbreak that chocolate can’t fix. Okay, there’s a few heartbreaks chocolate can’t fix. But that’s what the rain boots are for, because rain will wash away everything if you let it.

I want her to see the world through the underside of a glass bottom boat, to look through a magnifying glass at the galaxies that exist on the pin point of a human mind. Because that’s how my mom taught me. That there’ll be days like this, “There’ll be days like this my momma said” when you open your hands to catch and wind up with only blisters and bruises. When you step out of the phone booth and try to fly and the very people you wanna save are the ones standing on your cape. When your boots will fill with rain and you’ll be up to your knees in disappointment and those are the very days you have all the more reason to say “thank you,” ‘cause there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.

You will put the “wind” in win some lose some, you will put the “star” in starting over and over, and no matter how many land mines erupt in a minute be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life.

And yes, on a scale from one to over-trusting I am pretty damn naive but I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar. It can crumble so easily but don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.

“Baby,” I’ll tell her “remember your mama is a worrier but your papa is a warrior and you are the girl with small hands and big eyes who never stops asking for more.”

Remember that good things come in threes and so do bad things and always apologize when you’ve done something wrong but don’t you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining.

Your voice is small but don’t ever stop singing and when they finally hand you heartbreak, slip hatred and war under your doorstep and hand you hand-outs on street corners of cynicism and defeat, you tell them that they really ought to meet your mother.” 

- Sarah Kay

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